Rules Explained (update)
Posted By: Hero Of Time at 12:12 PM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
Okay so xsketch has changed a little bit since the last rules post by KellyKellyMoore so I thought I'd make a quick post to explain them for new comers.

"You're not allowed to use letters, numbers or symbols."

This is perhaps the most disputed rule due to the nature of symbols etc.

During the summer the site got an update. During this update a button that used to be available ("Hint") was removed. The hint button allowed the user to hint the word count, first letter or nature of the word (thing, verb etc). When this was removed we received no instructions as to what was allowed to be hinted.
For this reason, and the way people were playing, we decided to allow the user to hint the first letter and the letter/word count.
Personally, I disagree that both these hints should be allowed, but the community has decided to accept it. I suggest to anyone reading that does use both these hints to try without them or just one of them (and please please attempt to draw the word before using the hints. Many regular players will abstain from guessing your draws if you hint first).

So that is the reason the FIRST letter of the FIRST word is allowed.

Numbers are NOT allowed. This makes some drawings difficult but also encourages you to think outside the box. Ways to combat not using numbers would be to show a dice or something similar. In a math drawing I usually replace numbers with little incomprehensible squiggles that work a treat.
Using numbers will not help, if you use them you will be warned out and lose double the points you would if you had passed.

As Kelly explained in the previous blog, this rule is referring to direct symbol replacements. Eg. $ for dollar, € for euro, @ for at.
This is not allowed, however, the dollar symbol may be used to show something is valuable (again it is more fun if you attempt to do it without using the symbol).

I don't believe there is any confusion about any of the other rules. If you have a query, post on this blog and I will try to help you out.

A note to regular players:

This is directed at no individual and many of you conform to this.

PLEASE do NOT guess on draws with blatant rule breaking in them.
All this does is encourage those who break the rules and causes new players to get the wrong idea on what is and isn't allowed.

If a drawing has obvious rule breaking please press the warn button and do not guess it.

Thank You.

If people are breaking the rules and no moderators are online you can go to either of the sister sites, "GPokr" or "KDice", and look in the rules section for a moderator list.
The list will show which ones are online and where they are. They will be happy to help you out!


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senilefelines wrote
at 9:48 AM, Tuesday October 25, 2011 EDT
Good Job!!!!
africafreak67 wrote
at 7:38 PM, Friday October 28, 2011 EDT
Good Explanation
Shockwavez wrote
at 2:56 PM, Friday December 16, 2011 EST
I'll give it a go now :)
Bozuit wrote
at 3:18 PM, Sunday February 26, 2012 EST
"please please attempt to draw the word before using the hints"

Aside from all the technical issues, lack of mods etc. not following this is a big reason why I don't play this game so much anymore.

A tiny stick man plus B _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ = big bad wolf = bullshit.

Can we please discourage this by not guessing on draws until it's at least *conceivable* that someone could get it based on the draw alone (and not the hints)?
brunettebarbie wrote
at 9:13 PM, Tuesday July 10, 2012 EDT
I have a question. i saw some people including cau$eARiot and RredEye using symbols instead of letters, like some rainbowy thing instead of an R. is that allowed or not? I think its at least confusing for newbies...
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