How To Play

Welcome to XSketch. XSketch is a simple game, similar to Pictionary, where one player is given a word that the others need to guess. The player with the word, the sketcher, passes clues to the other players through sketches. The sketcher gets points if someone can guess the word and the player that guesses the word also gets points. The result is a simple fast paced game where you get to show of your and see others creative abilities

Getting Started
The first thing to do is to create an account using the sign up link on the left side. Or if you already have an account from GPokr or KDice you can sign in with it. The front page of XSketch will bring you to a live table where people are playing. You can use the sit in button at the top to join the game currently in progress. If the table is full you can find another table by clicking on the Change Table button at the top.

Changing Tables
The change table dialog box lists all the currently active tables on XSketch. You should notice that the tables are divided into categories with point minimums. This means that as you gain points from your sketches you can play at higher tables. You will most likely play with more skilled players as you go to higher tables.

Playing as a Guesser
After sitting in at a table you can immediately get in on the action. If someone is drawing you can guess a word by typing a word into the guess text box and pressing enter, or pressing the Guess button. If you guess right then you'll get points and the next sketcher will get a word to sketch. Players take turns sketching in clockwise order after each word.

Playing as a Sketcher
Eventually it will be your turn to sketch. When it is your turn you'll see the word you need to sketch written across the drawing surface. If you think the word is too hard to draw you click the Pass button. This will end your turn but you'll only lose half the points you would lose if nobody guessed your word after you began drawing. If you like the word you can immediately use the mouse to draw. Everyone else at the table will see what you're drawing as you draw it.

Winning Points
XSketch follows the model of a monthly tournament like GPokr and KDice. Every month everyone's points are reset and you start fresh. Over the month you gain points from good sketches that other players guess and guessing sketched words yourself. However, you can lose points when you're sketching if nobody guesses your word or if you pass (you lose half the points if you pass before starting your sketch). Points are labeled with the ink drop icon like this: .

Sketching Rules
It's easy to simply write the word you have on the drawing surface unfortunately this is unfair and against the rules - you'll have to use pictures to convey your word. As a guesser you have a warn button, along with your guess button, that you can click if you the player is breaking sketching rules. If enough guessers warn the player sketching then the sketch is discarded and the player will lose points. Inappropriate drawings involving pornography or racism are also against the rules and will cause your account to be deactivated. You should use the Warn button for ALL sketches that are against the rules.

Suggesting Words
The set of words in the database needs your input to grow. You'll find a link on the left side to the Suggest Words page. At this page you can list words you think should be added seperated by commas. The words can actually be phrases (more than one word) if they're not too long.

As a member you'll start each month with more points allowing you to play at higher tables earlier in the month. You'll also be supporting this site, helping to keep it running well. You can buy a membership by following the membership link on the left.

Now you're ready to get to the tables and sketch. Good luck and have fun!


XSketch - Pictionary Online
XSketch is a multiplayer word sketch game played in monthly competitions. It's like Pictionary. You sketch a picture with the goal of having other players guess your word and vice versa.
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